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Title: Loan Officer
Office Phone: 561-981-6306
NMLS #: 343855


Your Mortgage Team at Absolute Home Mortgage Corp

As your mortgage team, we are here to work for you.  To promote you, to help you close more deals, to expand your own personal book of business, and to put more money in your pocket.

The #1 Mistake Buyers make in this market is that they are not fully aware of their true Qualifications.  They either are searching for homes they cannot afford or are cutting themselves short by not fully maximizing their price.  Bottom Line, a lot of time and energy is wasted.

Let Us Help Change That!

We are here to help guide you and your buyers to make sure you know exactly what they qualify for and help offset any surprises that often pop up during any loan process.

Trust us, there is no better feeling than walking your buyers into a home and them knowing exactly what it will cost per month, it changes the buying whole buying experience and often leads to a quicker Yes when it comes to making an offer.

If your buyers already have a Pre-approval from another lender, we suggest that you compare their rates, costs, and process to ours.  We Always Beat The Banks!!

We assure you that we can get your buyers approved for more money $$$ than any other lender!! Our buyers find us to be more competitive, faster, and more convenient every time.

Plus if you close with us, you will get a Free Appraisal!!  That is a credit of up to $480.  

We are available 7 days per week, 24 hours a day, you can call, write, or text us

Jesse Daberkoe
Sales Manager
Cell: 561-667-5965
Office: 561-981-6306 Ext: 307
Fax: 561-855-2297
NMLS ID: 322479

Lina Valery
Team Coordinator/Licensed LO
Cell: 561-568-5838
Office: 561-981-6306 Ext: 305
Fax: 561-855-2297
NMLS ID: 343855

Bobby Hurley
Senior Loan Originator
Cell: 561-654-1886
Office: 561981-6306 Ext: 309
Fax: 561-855-2297
NMLS ID: 343476  


Inge Baumert
Marketing/Social Media Specialist